ZyberVR Charging Grips / IR Blaster / Magnetic Battery Pack Accessories for Meta Quest 2 Review

In this video, I check out three accessories for the Meta Quest 2 from ZyberVR. First I check out their charging grips, followed by the IR Blaster for playing your Quest 2 in the dark, and finally I look at a 5000mAh magnetic battery pack .

You can buy the Magnetic Battery for $22.99 direct ➡️ https://bit.ly/zyberbattery, the Charging Grips for $39.99 direct ➡️ https://bit.ly/zybergrips, and the IR Blaster for $24.99 direct ➡️ https://bit.ly/zyberirlight.

All their products can also be found on their Amazon page, sometimes for cheaper here with sale coupons ➡️ https://amzn.to/3NvFfuZ US, https://amzn.to/42JUDse UK, https://amzn.to/443EOxI DE, and https://amzn.to/3Jg79sv AUS.

The charging grips for the Quest 2, come well built with good materials and features that help the comfort and long-term use of them. They have a silicone knuckle strap to help add comfort through long-term use, whilst the bungee cord adjustment straps give a good level of security and pressure whilst wearing them over the hands. Small touches like loop over straps to help tuck away the excess cord and narrow sensor ring straps all add to the comfort and performance of using these grip.

Their charging ports at the lower part of the grip makes them easy to recharge them or keep them charged if you were to attached the powered USB cables into them after every session, and their silicone materials make them easy to wipe down after fitness games also. Overall a decent pair of charging grips that stand well if not slightly above some other similar grips out there for the Quest 2.

The IR Blaster is a niche product for those wishing to play their Quest 2 in dim light rooms or in the dark. Plug this little accessory into the USB-C port of your Quest 2, or alternatively into a power bank for remote use, and allow you Quest 2 to function as if you’re playing in a bright sunny room. Tracking works very well with these IR blasters and these from Zyber do not disappoint. If you game in the dark, then the low bar of ownership make this IR Blaster a must have for your VR setup.

Lastly we have the 5000mAh battery pack. This magnetises onto the side of your headset via a bundled clip that attaches over the side rail of the head strap you might be using. Its a fairly low-fi solution that kind of works, but it has two faults that make me not encouraged to recommend it. The first is the form factor. Its big and bulky size doesn’t give you the weight you think it will have, but its protruding size can easily get caught with any flapping arms in VR games, as as its magnetic, you’ll be sending that battery pack flying across the room. More closer fitting battery packs would be a better choice, or ones that attach to the rear would even better. Or just go with a battery strap and have an all in one solution taken care of. The second is the buzzing noise I keep hearing when the battery is attached. How this wasn’t caught in testing the product, I don’t know. It was far too distracting to play with it attached that this issue first and foremost is the main reason to avoid this final accessory.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:46 – ZyberVR Chargeable Controller Grips
9:53 – ZyberVR 3W U-Shaped IR Light
13:01 – ZyberVR Magnetic 5000mAh VR Battery Pack
17:12 – My impressions

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