X-Super Home Silicone Grips And Knuckle Strap for Oculus Quest 2 Touch Controller Review

Enjoy my X-Super Home Silicone Grips And Knuckle Strap for Oculus Quest 2 Touch Controller Review. You can buy these silicone grips right now for $17.99 or £17.99 from Amazon US → https://amzn.to/2QRScoq or from Amazon UK here → https://amzn.to/3yGYSGX.

So in this video we will be looking at the X-Super Home Soft Silicone Grip and Knuckle Straps for the Quest 2 Touch Controllers. They are a grip and knuckle strap combo, that cover the touch controller’s grip handle, whilst its knuckle strap uses the connection point inside the battery compartment, it loops over the sensor ring and then it reattaches back on itself.

Both grips and straps are entirely made from a rubber silicone material. They come in four colours, including black, white, blue and this red colour that I’ve been given for review.

Installing the grips is a little more tricky than your usual grips. This is mostly because of how the knuckle straps attach to the controller. First need to attach the knuckle strap into the notch section inside the controller’s battery compartment. Then you need to pass the thick silicone strap through the narrow hole in the bottom of the grip before you can slide the grip onto the controller, passing the knuckle strap through the hole as you go.

The grip then attaches over the top of the controller and secures on to itself via the attachment point at the top. The grip itself has a textured surface to it, to help with airflow around your palms and to reduce any sweat from building up. The silicone is soft, but not as soft as some other grip covers, so it holds its shape well. Unfortunately though, during the install process I managed to snap the silicone around the top of the grip, without applying too much force, so be careful when pulling at the silicone whilst you slide the grip onto the controller.

Other than the silicone tearing on the grip, the other let down is with its knuckle straps. They are solidly built, using thick silicone, but how they adjust and how they attach to the sensor ring come with too issues.

The first is how they attach to the sensor ring. They just loop over the ring like a belt strap and they just sit and slide loosely on the ring of the controller. This means that these straps will definitely cover 2 or 3 of the sensors on the ring, depending on where you are positioning the strap, which can be anywhere. Where the strap is positioned also makes you grip the controller in a less natural way, and for some people it may restrict the overall thumb movement.

Next is how you adjust the strap. It has many raised ridges on the outer edge of the strap and there’s a fixed loop with holes on one side that these ridges rest into to secure the position of the strap. Although it’s a clever and solid way to fix the adjustment of the strap, sadly you can’t pull the strap to tighten it so easily as other straps, and it either results in you pulling it too tightly or not at all, so you end up using both hands to tighten one strap.

It’s nice to see the strap make use of the wrist strap socket on the controller being used, but sadly it just makes it really awkward to install the strap along with the grip, and you have to go through this every time to need to replace the batteries in each controller.

They are an ok pair of silicone grips and knuckle straps, but they are let down by the silicone material used in places, how awkward they are to install, and the location and adjustability of the knuckle straps. There are better grip and knuckle strap options out there that offer better build quality, with straps that don’t interfere with the sensors on the ring whilst offering better adjustability and comfort at a similar price.


0:00 – Intro
0:17 – Brief overview
0:56 – Installation
1:51 – Fit
2:22 – Overall impressions

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