STABLEFiT Headphone Earbuds for Oculus Quest Review

Enjoy our STABLEFiT Headphone Earbuds for Oculus Quest Review. You can buy these headphones from the Nivrana store.

In this video, we give you our impressions on the STABLEFiT Headphone Earbuds for the Oculus Quest. These earbuds feature a soft over-ear hook bar that goes over and around the back of your ear, enabling the ability to keep these earbuds on, and in, your ears during high-intensity activity. These are therefore ideal earbuds for working out with your Quest.


Intro: 0:00
In the box: 0:25
Looking at the earbuds: 0:59
Connection: 1:31
Wearing them: 1:58
Sound: 3:40
Wrap up: 4:47

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