Small Footprint VR Stand For Your Quest | KIWI design VR Stand for Oculus Quest 2 Review

Enjoy my KIWI design VR Stand for Oculus Quest 2 Review. You can buy this VR stand from for $30.99 or £32.99 from Amazon US here → or from Amazon UK here → Or you can get it from their own online store for $27.75 with their 3rd-anniversary discount here →


The Quest 2 headset isn’t the kind of device that you can easily tuck away when it’s not being used. Using a VR stand keeps your headset and its controllers in one central location, so you’re not losing them around your house, and with a stand such as this one, your controllers are also positioned in a way that you can just pick them up in the correct hand without thinking too much about it – as long as you put them back the right way. 

In the box, you get all the various parts that you need to construct the stand. The stand comes in 7 parts, and there’s a small paper instruction manual to tell you how to put it all together.

Install & Function

You first start with the base, then insert the central column and you complete the central column with the headpiece of the stand.  Finally, you insert the controller hooks onto the underside of the headset platform, and then you slide this platform into the central column of the stand.

The stand can easily fit the headset and a variety of head straps that you might have attached to it. The headset itself sits on its rubberised platform. And the rear of the strap can rest on the rear ledge at the top of the stand. 

To mount the Touch controllers, you simply place the sensor ring onto the arms underneath the stand. The hooks are just deep enough to sit the Quest 2 controllers onto, but they are just a little too small for any accessories you might have on them, such as the VR Cover Halo Protectors. They just overshoot the ends, but they are still able to stay onto the hooks without any problem.

The stand also has one additional feature at the rear of the stand. If you use any headphones with your Quest you can also use this stand to place your headphones onto it too. 

My Impressions

What I like about this stand is that it is a lot more compact than some other stands I’ve seen, and it is able to hold not only the headset and its controllers, but also a pair of headphones too. All this is done in quite a small footprint, which you might find easier to place around your home than some much bigger stands.

The build quality is great, and it mirrors the same level of build quality that you come to expect with all their other accessories. 

With no moving parts, very little can go wrong with a stand such as this. It does the job. Its base has a wide enough footprint to maintain its stability with all the accessories mounted onto it. 

If I were to nitpick. The one area I think could do with some improvement is the controller hooks. I feel they are just a little too close to the headset platform, so it’s not such a smooth process when you’re placing and removing the controllers from them. 

You twist these hooks onto the underneath of the platform, and if they were screwed in the other way, you could have had the option to move the hooks outwards too. Plus, if they were a little deeper to support Halo protectors, that would have been good too.

So if you’re looking for a solid stand for your Quest 2, then this VR stand from Kiwi design is one of the better ones you can buy right now. 


0:00 – Intro
0:14 – Brief overview
0:39 – Unboxing
0:48 – Installation
1:39 – Headphone/Cable support
1:51 – My impressions

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