Slim Oculus Quest 2 Carry Case for Halo / Elite Straps | TyaSoleil VR Carry Case Backpack Review

Enjoy my TyaSoleil Oculus Quest 2 Carry Case Review. You can buy this color of this case for $29.99 or £29.99 from Amazon US here → or from Amazon UK here → or from Amazon DE here →


If you carry your Quest headset between different locations or perhaps you plan on traveling with it, it’s best to keep it protected by stowing it away in a carry case. There are a number of cases out there that will carry the Oculus Quest headset and its controllers, but some don’t go the extra mile in supporting other accessories, such as longer head straps or even halo straps. The cases that do can be a bit bulky and look like you’re obviously carrying a VR headset inside, but what I like about this particular case from TyaSoleil is that it doesn’t scream out that there is a VR headset inside, thanks to its low profile and general good looks. 

The Outside

The case is well made, using some nice premium-looking materials, both inside and out. On the outside, there is a single padded strap that is attached at the top of the case, and there is a clip on the other end to hook into one of two fabric loops on the bottom side of the case. The strap itself is adjustable to suit how you wish to wear the case. It’s made to be worn over your shoulder, but it can also be used as a sling case by placing the strap across the front of your body.

The front of the case has a hard shell material to help protect the headset and accessories inside, whilst on the back, there’s some padded and breathable fabric material with a center back channel to help prevent heat from building up and reduce sweat when the case is worn on your back for any long period.

There is also a headphone cable hole on the side of the case, should you wish to stow your mobile inside and feed a pair of headphones out of the case. This could also be used for a hydration pack and tube too. The zip has a water-sealed edge on it to help prevent any water from getting into the case, and the zip runs all the way around the case to the bottom edges to allow you to open the case fully to easily pack away your headset and any accessories you want to take with you. 

The Inside

Inside the case, you have this premium soft velvet material to help protect your headset inside the case. There are three raised ridges on the bottom side of the case to help you locate and position the headset and its parts in the case.

This case is made for the halo strap, but you can place the headset and a number of alternative straps in this case too. Because of its low profile, you are limited to fitting more compact Quest head straps into this case, such as the default strap, Elite strap, and also some third-party Elite style straps. 

To get the halo strap into this case you, unfortunately, have to remove it from the headset. By doing it this way, this case can keep its slim low-profile shape. After removing the halo strap and placing the headset into the top of the case, you then just need to place the halo strap behind the headset, further down the case, and use the empty space inside the halo strap to store each of the Touch controllers and any other accessories. 

At the top, there is a small recess to fit a medium-size power bank into, and on the inside of the case backing there are a number of pockets that you can use to store an Oculus Link or charging cable, books, or magazines.

With the headset, head strap, controllers and accessories stowed neatly away inside the case, it zips up very easily, and you’re good to go.

My Impressions

The TyaSoleil Quest 2 Carry Case retails for £29.99 from Amazon and you can support the site/channel by checking out my links in this article to find out more and to buy yourself one. It comes in two colors. One that’s all black and there is a two-tone black and dark grey color case too. 

It’s a really nice-looking case that helps keep your Quest and its accessories protected and secure whilst on the move. The fact that it can take a halo strap is a bonus too, but it is unfortunate that you have to remove it every time to fit it into this case and maintain its low profile shape. Personally, I would have preferred a bigger area at the bottom of the case and have the whole headset pointing downwards, whilst maintaining a fairly low profile. 

I also had an issue with the shoulder strap. Even at its tightest setting, I found I still had to hold the strap to keep the case on my back. It could have been a bit smaller. The center position of the strap at the top of the case prevents this case from being worn as a sling case. I would have preferred if the case came with attachment points also at both top corners to allow the strap to be positioned better for sling use or even turn it into a backpack with an additional second strap.

Other than these points, the TyaSoleil Quest 2 Carry Case can carry a number of headset with strap combinations along with a number of additional accessories and cables too, all whilst doing it in a stylish, low profile, and protective case too.


0:00 – Intro
0:13 – Brief overview
0:51 – Outside features
2:14 – Inside features
2:24 – Elite strap fit
2:47 – Halo strap fit
3:32 – My impressions
3:48 – BoboVR M2 strap fit

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