Esimen vs Kiwi Design Touch Controller Grips & Knuckle Strap for Oculus Quest 2 Review

Enjoy our Esimen/Vakdon Touch Controller Grips & Knuckle Strap for Oculus Quest 2 where we compare it to the very similar Kiwi Design grip. You can buy these Touch Controller Grips for $17 or £17 from Amazon US directly here → or from Amazon UK here →

These grips are branded as Vakdon in the U.K. and Esimen in the US and you might find them under the Elygo brand also.

This is a silicone protective grip for the Touch Controllers that features an adjustable knuckle strap, and it also comes with a pair of silicone caps that you attach onto each of the Touch Controller’s analog sticks.

Like the Kiwi Design grips, these just cover the handle and the face button panel of the controller – they do not protect the sensor ring. There are some ergonomic ridges for your fingers to rest into and there is a textured surface around the palm area of the grip to improve air flow and reduce sweat from building up in this area.

Underneath there is a hole to allow you to pass the official wrist strap through, and moulded onto the bottom and top ends of the grip there is a riveted knuckle strap that can be easily adjusted by undoing the bottom of the strap, pulling it tightly around the back of your hand and then reattaching the strap back onto itself.

The top of the grip attaches to itself in a similar way to the Kiwi Design grips do, but these are much harder to attach.There are two similar ear buckles that keep the grip firmly attached onto the top of the controller, although the finished fit isn’t as snug as the Kiwi Design grips.

The silicone that surrounds the face buttons follows much closer to the button layout on each controller than the Kiwi Design grip does. Because of this your thumb rests on the silicone, just below the A and X buttons and you don’t feel any part of the cover’s cut out area as you do on the Kiwi Design grip.

Bundled with these grips are a pair of silicone thumbstick caps. These are a nightmare to attach, but once you get to slip them on, they improve the feel of them by making them slightly wider and taller. The extra silicone on top them higher so that they are able to sit higher than the silicone cover that’s around the sticks.

I like that this grip also doesn’t require you to attach the knuckle strap onto the sensor ring. This allows for better freedom of movement for your thumb as it doesn’t alter your grip on the controllers, which is a trait that so many grips and knuckle straps seem to do.

Unfortunately, what lets this grip down is how the knuckle strap is attached and the strap material they have decided to use on this grip. I find the strap too narrow, and I am not a fan of the nylon material either – it really cheapens the whole impression of grip for me. Unfortunately, due to the riveted attachment point at the top of the strap, there’s very little you can do to easily replace the strap with a better alternative strap. I would have preferred the top of the grip to attach through a similar loop as the bottom.

This grip comes in two colours, black and white, and this white colour closely matches the Quest 2 controllers off-white colour quite well. There is a lot to like about these controllers, but due to the strap choice, I think paying an extra $5 for the Kiwi Design grips would be a better purchase.

The advantages of this Esimen/Vakdon grip over the Kiwi Design grip is its white colour, which matches the Quest 2 controllers, the textured grip and the additional thumbstick caps. So if you strongly prefer these features then this grip is a decent, cheaper alternative that’s worth checking out.

You can buy the Esimen/Vakdon Touch Controller Grips for $17 or £17 from Amazon US directly here → or from Amazon UK here →

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1:40 – Installation
3:00 – Knuckle Strap
4:45 – Overall impressions

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