Choetech T541-S Fast Wireless Charger Car Mount Review

There are so many air vent mounts available to buy, yet having reviewed quite a few, it still surprises me that each one adds a unique addition, change or feature here and there that makes it worth exploring. Being a type of gadget that has to work with a number of different car air vents, it’s highly difficult for them to work for every single car out there. Could the Choetech T541-S Fast Wireless Charger Car Mount be any different to the rest? Let’s find out…

Choetech is a new brand to me. They are a Chinese brand dedicated to wireless chargers, car charger, solar charger, wall charger, cables & hubs. With a growing market for fast wireless in-car chargers, the T541-S Fast Wireless Charger Car Mount from Choetech intrigued me because of its unique install and release system, and its rather unique in-car diffuser stick compartment – yes you read that correctly.

Inside the box, you’ll find the mount cradle itself, its screw-on clamp system, a long USB-A to micro-USB charging cable, 3 car diffuser sticks (1 of which is scented), manuals and its 18-month warranty card. Assembly is super fast, by simply attaching the spring clamp onto the cradle and then attach the whole thing onto your horizontal or vertical vent blades by depressing the clamp’s button and releasing it once you’re over one of the air vent blades to secure it in place.

To attach your smartphone into the cradle of the T541-S you simply drop the smartphone onto the bottom support arm which triggers a release mechanism that moves the left and right arms into the middle, thus hugging your smartphone. It’s a solid mechanic that works well when installing your phone into the clamp. However, the removal of your smartphone can be a little hit and miss in practice.

To release your phone you have to push in two lower ‘arms’ that push themselves out once your smartphone is installed. The T541-S mount requires you to push these arms back in whilst you grab the base of the smartphone. This will push the side arms away from the smartphone as you pull it out to remove it.

This method does work well, but unfortunately, it’s not a conscious process as just simply lifting out your smartphone. You have to always remember to press the lower arms in, whilst making sure that you depress these arms all the way in as you grab your smartphone from the cradle. All whilst making sure you lift the smartphone up because if you apply any downward pressure, the cradle will just trigger the install mechanism again and lock the arms back inwards.

As you can imagine, this can prove very frustrating at times, to a point when you’re wrestling with it when the arms snap back, clutching the smartphone as you try and pull it out. It’s great to see Choetech try to design something a little different, but it feels like it’s more suited for people with super long fingers than my average-sized digits.

The other unique feature to the T541-S mount is its rear car diffuser compartment. With its supplied single scent stick, you slot this into the clipped-on compartment that’s located on the rear of the car mount. Being on the rear, this allows the air from the vent to flow past it and fill your car with its scent. It works well, to my surprise, however, little could be said for the actual scent, which isn’t to my liking. It smells more suited in the washroom than in the car. Luckily there are two unscented sticks, but I really can’t see what they will do – if your car really smells that bad, open the door window from time to time!

As a wireless charger though, like most fast wireless chargers, the T541-S delivers this just as well as any other. Dropping in a Qi wireless charging smartphone, like an iPhone 8 or newer, will initiate its wireless charging as soon as you place the phone into the cradle. No need to fumble around with cables in the car, simply place your phone into the cradle and it charges away up to a maximum of 10W, or 7.5W if you’re using an Apple device. Just as long as you supply it with a USB Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 in-car adapter like the Anker PowerDrive Speed+ Duo.

Its wireless charging range is meant to be within 3-5mm and I didn’t have any problems charging my iPhone XS Max through its 3mm plastic case. It’s clamping teeth range spans between 65-90mm, which is enough for most in-car vents. In fact, I found its clamp to be surprisingly secure, it has a strong grip, and if I placed it in the very top slot of my Golf Mk7 vent it moved around a lot less and it didn’t need as much altering. I did find this mount solution still slide away from the vent over a long time, which is a shame, but I have experienced much worse performing clamps out there.

Overall the Choetech T541-S is a good allrounder. It retails for $29.99 from Amazon. You might find the install and release mechanism a little hit and miss at times, but it applies a firm grip onto your smartphone and I found the clamp to perform much better than I was expecting. With both of these combined, it manages to reduce motion wobble when on the move and it is more solid than some other vent mounts out there on the market.

If you’re after a good fast wireless charging car mount, you can get around the quirks of this cradle, and you have a use for its in-car diffuser feature, the Choetech T541-S is a solid performer as not only a wireless car charger, but with the USB cable disconnected it’s a solid air vent mount too.

Choetech T541-S Fast Wireless Car Mount





  • Solid mount and clamp
  • Wireless charging
  • Works well a good mount too


  • Install and release mechanism
  • Diffuser scent
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