Best Halo Strap Upgrade Accessory | BeswinVR Halo Battery Kit for Oculus Quest 2 Review

Enjoy my BeswinVR Halo Padding Kit for Oculus Quest 2 Review. You can buy this Halo Strap kit for $35.99 or £35.99 from Amazon US here → or from Amazon UK here →


So the big issue with halo straps and the desire to add a battery pack to them, is that there are very few areas or loopholes to attach the battery strap onto.

If you use a top strap on your halo strap you can usually attach most battery straps onto it, but it does make it less comfortable and it adds some unnecessary pressure to the top of your head. BeswinVR has created a solution to help solve this issue with their Halo Battery Kit.

It’s basically a large O ring style rubber and foam pad, which isn’t all that different to the rear pad on the Oculus Elite Strap, with the exception that it has an extra piece at the top with two attachment holes, along with lots of velcro stickers and straps, and using all these components it will help you attach most power banks onto your halo strap.

What’s in the box?

In the kit, you get the PU leather foam pad with TPU rubber backing support. This has two side holes to attach onto the side rails of your head strap and there are two holes at the top to feed a top strap through for extra stability. There’s a short 5A 30cm long USB-C to USB-A charging cable to attach to your chosen power bank. You get a Power Bank leather strap, with an additional velcro strap for cable management, and there are two pairs of velcro straps, and a pack of four round adhesive velcro pads, and one long adhesive velcro pad too.

Install & Fit

You can attach the main foam pad in a number of ways, depending on the halo strap you want to attach it to. Using the many straps and stick-on adhesive pads you can attach the main pad onto the velcro points of your halo strap, or you can use the foam pad holes at the sides and at the top to also help secure it in place.

On the inner head side of the pad, there are two removable soft cushion foam pads, which help add some extra comfort and support to your existing rear pad that it will be replacing.

The kit comes with a PU leather battery holder strap, which you use to strap onto the lower part of the main pad. There are also some velcro straps to help attach the pad onto the top of the strap also.

The halo padding kit isn’t just for halo straps though. I tried it on the K3 elite strap from Eyglo, the default Oculus soft strap. But I found the big advantages came from the original halo strap design, the newer halo strap with the updated rear pad, as well as newer halo strap designs from BoboVR M2 and the BestorX Premium Deluxe Audio Strap.

My Impressions

It comes in two colours, white and black, and there is a black and white bundle too. Personally, I thought the black looked better on the halo straps I tried, but the white version would go better with the default soft strap.

I found the many supplied straps and velcro pads were enough to easily mount the strap where I wanted it, and this worked across a number of head strap types.

The side loops were a great way to add extra stability where the adhesive velcro pads might not be enough. But on some halo straps, I found it wasn’t a perfect fit when using both the velcro and sidebar attachment holes. Also, it was a mission to remove the rear strap on some halo straps to find out that just using the velcro adhesives was easier and a better fit.

The main letdown for me was with its power bank strap. Its PU leather material didn’t create the same level of quality and stability as some alternative battery straps that I have covered on this channel. And I found the supplied cable was around 10cm too short on some head straps.

But if you are looking for a way to attach a power bank onto your halo strap, or you are just looking to improve the overall comfort of your halo strap, then the BeswinVR halo padding kit is a great accessory to help improve your mounting options as well as comfort.


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0:19 – Brief overview
1:11 – Unboxing
1:50 – Installation
2:39 – Head strap fit
3:01 – Overall impressions

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