AMVR vs VR Cover – AMVR Facial Interface Kit for Oculus Quest 2 – Install & Review

Enjoy our AMVR Facial Interface Kit for Oculus Quest 2 review and comparison with the VR Cover facial interface kit. You can buy the AMVR Facial Kit and Foam pads for $24 from Amazon.

The AMVR comes packed full with its usual additional accessories. You get the interface bracket itself, one thin and one thick PU leather foam pads, a nose piece to reduce light leakage under your nose, and there are two small additional foam pads for the sides of the facial kit to reduce light leakage on the sides for small or narrow heads. And finally there is the token lens protector – just in case if you haven’t got a draw full of these already!

Installing the AMVR facial bracket is super simple, I found it fixes onto the Quest 2 headset much better than the VR Cover bracket does. If you are a glasses wearer, you will be interested to know the AMVR works with the official glasses spacer that came in the box for the Quest 2 – unlike the VR Cover bracket, which it fails to fix on to.

The two PU leather pads are much thinner than VR Cover’s offering, but the AMVR foam pads are more generous in their overall length, meaning you get more padding to the lower region of your face and room for those glasses too. The thin padding isn’t as good as the foam pads from VR Cover, but they do the job and being thinner they might improve the Field of View (FOV) also.

I found the nose piece was best in class. Being thinner, it sits less heavily on your nose than the VR Cover nose piece does, and its wider reach makes a better job at fitting all nose shapes and improve immersion.

I found the side additional pads were not required for me, but it is a nice solution for anyone with a narrower face shape or for smaller/younger players who find light leaking at the sides of the headset.

The one issue I had was the internal colour also being orange. The facial bracket is two tone, with a softer black piece material on the edges of the bracket. I would have liked this to be also orange but the main issue was that internally it would show light too much from the outside through the orange segments, creating an orange glow in your peripheral vision area. This wasn’t that distracting but it is there if you look for it, and when playing a light room, the view inside the Quest isn’t as dark as it would be if the cover (or at least inside) was black. Filling this area with black permanent marker inside this area fixes all this issue though.

Costing $24 from Amazon, the AMVR facial kit is a decent solution for Quest 2 players looking for added comfort and immersion. It’s certainly cheaper than VR Cover’s offering when you also have to factor in shipping and costs shipping times from VR Cover, and with a little modding you do get a very decent facial kit for your money that possibly trumps VR Cover’s offering. It’s just a shame the kit is let down with the padding options for me.

You can buy the AMVR Facial Kit and Foam pads for $24 from Amazon.


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00:00 Intro
00:16 Brief overview
00:40 Installation
01:23 Noise piece install
02:42 VR Cover Dark Edition comparison
04:36 Glasses spacer install
05:32 Foam padding attachment
07:40 Extra side foam padding
09:11 Install on Quest 2
09:38 My impressions
10:40 Ultimate AMVR & VR Cover combo
11:02 My impressions continued

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