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TechTwo ( is a blog that’s dedicated to reviewing the latest and greatest tech and gadgets. We like to think we cover a broad range of tech products here on TechTwo however we can only cover what we get provided or what we buy ourselves.

Whether we are given review product samples or we buy them ourselves, either way we will tell you exactly what you think about them — the good and the bad!

Who is behind TechTwo?

My name is Anthony and I have been writing for over 15 years now. I first co-founded a blog that is dedicated to the Microsoft Xbox 360, this site soon grew up into being one of the best Xbox 360 covered websites in the UK and from this point onwards I found my love of covering technology and sharing my experiences of many tech products that I have been lucky enough play around with.

Over the years I have continued to write about tech on gaming websites, and this soon grew into covering other technologies, such as Apple CarPlay systems in vehicles. This opened up new ways of writing about technology products and I grew this into covering more lifestyle products and gadgets for the car.

More recently I expanded my network of websites to cover the latest portable VR device from Oculus (Facebook). This continued my love and passion for all things tech and continue to this day writing for all my network of sites and spreading the passion for all things tech related.

I started two YouTube channels at the end of 2019 and never looked back. Releasing videos each week on both channels I cover a number of various technologies from small USB cables and car charging docks, to in-car receivers, projectors and cameras.

How could you help?

If you are a tech company looking for an outlet to cover your product, you’ve come to the right place. Please do get in touch using the contact form below (or other social media channels) and tell me about your product. 

From here we can explore how I can get my hands on your tech products and how we can share your product with our readers and community.

If you think we can help, help us, help you. Get in touch below!

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